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Tennessee construction industry celebrates passage of construction industry worker protections

NASHVILLE, TENN., April 8th. – The state’s construction industry today celebrated the passage of HB 1112/SB 1150 (Rep. Kevin Vaughan/Sen. Jack Johnson), which would protect local workers from overreaches by local governments in drastically changing construction industry standards. 

“Too often, local governments get it wrong when it comes to modernizing construction industry standards,” said Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Tennessee President/CEO, Clay Crownover. “This legislation will ultimately protect local workers and businesses by preventing local governments from overreaching beyond state and federal law when it comes to construction industry standards.”

This legislation would protect worker’s privacy by making it illegal for local governments to ask for the personnel information of employees, bars the requirement of contractors to abide by safety laws in excess of what is required under federal occupational health and safety act (OSHA) and Tennessee occupational health and safety act (TOSHA) rules and regulations, it would protect jobsites from being illegally accessed and ultimately would protect jobs and businesses in the state of Tennessee. 

Crownover concluded, “It is of the utmost importance that worker’s privacy is protected, especially for an industry who is clamoring for more workers, while also promoting safe work sites and continuing to build on the economic success the state of Tennessee has achieved over the last year. This legislation will protect those jobs and those businesses in the future from burdensome regulation designed to stifle growth in our towns and cities.”


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