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Q)  Can you tell me the programs that you have available, and what topics are covered?  
A)  Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, and Masonry 

Q)  How long is a class?
A)  Classes are typically 144 hrs in length to align with the DOL standards.

Q)  When is the next class offered?
A)  A class is also considered a level or year. Fall classes are typically from September till April. We do this 2 alternating nights a week from 4 – 7pm. 

Q)  What is the cost for the tuition and materials for each year?
A)  Prices are subject to change. However they will be listed on the application. Tuition for Middle Tennessee is $2,400. ABC members and partnering associations receive a $400.00 discount per student employee. $2,000. There is a $75.00 non-refundable application fee. Tuition for the East Tennessee Construction Trades Academy in Knoxville is a flat rate of $2,000.

Q)  What is included with tuition?
A)  All books and supples are included with tuition. 

Q)  Where do I get an application?
A)  Applications are available during registration periods on ABC website under the Craft Training tab or by visiting the ABC office.

Q)  When is the registration period?
A)  Typically a month and a half before the start of classes. Applications should be turned in as soon as possible once registration period opens.  Tuition is due at the end of the registration period.

Q)  When is the registration due date?
A)  The last day for applications is also when tuition is due, typically 1 month prior to the first day of school..

Q)  Why is everything due 1 month before the start of class?
A)  Time is needed to finalize classes make class assignments and finalize the orders for materials.

Q)  When is tuition due?
A)  Tuition is due by the first day of class.

Q)  My company wants to be invoiced for the students we have.(ABC Member companies only)
A)  Send a request via email to [email protected] no later than 1 week prior to tuition and registration due date with a list of students names. Attach copy of invoice received from ABC with applications by due date.Payment must be received within 30 days after that or late fees will apply.

Q)  What if someone is not sure about whether they will be able to attend?
A)  It is best to fill out an application as early as possible during registration period, otherwise there may not be a seat in the class available. Tuition is due by due date, and a refund will be given should you decide not to attend.

Q)  When will I know what days my class is going to be?
A)  Your schedule will be sent via email once you are enrolled.

Q)  What if I can’t attend those days?
A)  We will work with you, but you have to let the Director know as soon as you receive the schedule, classes fill up fast.

Q)  What if I have to drop the class, how do I get a refund?
A)  Cancellation prior to school will receive a 100% refund.Dropping class within the first month will result in an 85% refund. Dropping during the second month will result in a 50% refund. No refund will be given after the second month of classes.

Q)  I have a new hire who is a veteran. How can he use his GI bill toward this?
A)  The VA offers a different program for veterans in an apprenticeship program. They do not pay for the school, as if they were going to a traditional college. The VA determined that because vets in the program are working and receiving wages, they only give them a stipend based on the OJT hours they work. The VA determined that the amount they pay is to reimburse the vet for their service in the military.Companies that do not have a DOL registered apprenticeship program will be requested to sign an agreement with ABC. This agreement is similar to the one that the DOL would request, but more basic. Once the veteran enrolls in the apprenticeship program, they will need to see the Director to fill out the proper VA paperwork. Once approved by the VA, the vet will bring monthly pay stubs to the Director showing his OJT and will verify with the VA to process their compensation.

Q)  What happens if I get laid off?
A)  Once your school has been paid for you should finish the year out. See the Director for information on companies that are looking to hire students in the program. This happens from time to time, don’t be discouraged. Many times it’s based on the volume of work slowing in the winter. However there may be someone else hiring, check with the Director. If nothing is found don’t quit school. Your employer may need you back in the spring before school is out, or sooner!

Q)  What Happens if it snows or the streets ice over?
A)  If Metro Davidson County schools are closed DUE TO BAD WEATHER, ABC school is also closed. If Metro schools close early, ABC school will also be closed. If Metro schools open late, ABC schools will still be open.ABC school will be open for Davidson County teacher in-service days.

Q)  How many excused absences am I allowed?
A)  3, after the fourth absence you will be sent to the Director’s office to schedule a meeting with the Craft Training Committee to explain why you should not be expelled, and have a decision rendered. A fifth absence will result in dismissal from the program.

Q)  How can I get a copy of my transcripts?
A)  Simply email you request to [email protected] with a copy of your Driver’s License. Be sure to include contact info and directions of where to send.

Q)  Can I get a replacement Journeyman card?
A)  As long as a transcript can be found on your completion of the program, yes. However there will be a $25.00 fee for reproducing. 

Q)  Do you have any special incentives for Veterans? 
A)  Yes, we prioritize those who have served to protect our country, so you absolutely can use resources from the GI Bill. Should you be approved by the VA you will be able to receive monthly monetary benefits by becoming an apprentice.

Q)  When does the Knoxville Construction Trades Academy begin? 
A)  Construction is slated for April, with classes to begin in the Fall of 2023. The application deadline for Fall 2023 is August 15, 2023. Email Emilie Harrell for more information at [email protected].


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