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ABC Dan Brodbeck

2020 Rodgers-Bell Award

Ray Bell and Joe Rodgers, whose names appear on our original articles of incorporation, were two of the founding members of the ABC Greater Tennessee Chapter. Their passion for merit construction laid the groundwork for our chapter's successes today. If it weren’t for Ray Bell and Joe Rodgers and a core of other courageous contractors, ABC Greater Tennessee wouldn’t be here today. 

We are proud to present this year's Rodgers-Bell Award to Dan Brodbeck of Compass Partners, long-time member in constant service to ABC on both the chapter and national level. 

This award is presented annually to the ABC Greater Tennessee member who exemplifies the same tenacity, understanding, love and service toward the organization as did Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Bell. This award is the most prestigious award that this chapter can bestow upon a member.





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