Knoxville New Student Application

******Applications and Payments are due 09/1/2023******

Please check the appropriate craft discipline for which you are applying/interested in:

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2022-2023 Tuition


$2000 (includes books/materials)

2022-2023 Withdrawal

  • Withdrawal from the program means voluntary removal of a student from the program by the student or employer. This does not include students who are failing class, excessive absences or removal for other disciplinary purposes.
  • There will be no refund of late fees under any circumstances.

New Student Requirements

All first-year students will need to provide proof of identification (driver license, state ID) and proof of a high school completion (diploma or GED).

COMPANY INFORMATION (to be completed by the employer, if employed)

(initials of applicant/student)

Applicant Signature

By signing this application, I acknowledge the tuition and policies listed in the student/employer handbook.


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