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Governor Haslam, State Rep. Eddie Smith and ABC of Greater TN join ABC to highlight Careers in Construction Month

Knoxville, Tenn., October 14- ABC of Greater Tennessee, Governor Haslam, and State Representative Eddie Smith joined together today to highlight Careers in Construction Month.

"The Construction trade industry nationwide is facing about a 1.1 million shortage of the workforce," said State Representative Eddie Smith, "so today we are here to highlight some of the things happening in Knoxville. The construction trades industry needs your help."

Construction has provided fulfilling, family-supporting careers for American workers for generations. However, industry growth, an aging workforce and a lack of emphasis on the lucrative construction career track in our schools has contributed to a shortage of skilled workers in the industry. This shortage is projected to reach 1.1 million skilled workers over the next decade, according to the Construction Labor Market Analyzer.

That's why ABC of Greater Tennessee has committed over the next year to work with our area schools on promoting the trades within our local high schools and promoting careers in construction.Construction is one of the few industries where an entry-level employee can earn a paycheck while training for a specific career. 

"We want to thank all of our friends at Sacred Heart Cathedral," said Governor Bill Haslam. "I really want to thank ABC and our building contractors that are here. We are here to emphasize that construction is a great career opportunity for folks. The skilled trades and crafts that you can learn while you are on the job, while you are being paid can truly be a career lifetime opportunity." 

Once training is completed, skilled craftsmen and women receive industry-recognized credentials and marketable skills that will help them triumph as highly skilled professionals in the construction industry, all without accumulating student loan debt.ABC is committed to developing the next generation of American skilled craft professionals, as evidenced by our members' $1.1 billion national annual investment in workforce development. Proclamations such as Haslam's help us raise awareness of the career opportunities available. 

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