The judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern
District of Texas, issued a preliminary injunction late Monday night against
the Fair Pay and Safe Work Places Rule which has been dubbed the (Blacklisting)

ABC is pleased the court ruled that the Obama Administration
cannot order private businesses to publicly disclose mere accusations of labor
law violations that have not been fully adjudicated. By issuing this decision,
the court has maintained the first amendment rights of government contractors and
protected them and tax payers from the poorly crafted Blacklisting Rule.  In her decision, the judge said that the
groups that initiated this lawsuit earlier this month-including the ABC-had
properly demonstrated immediate ongoing injury to their members if the rule is
allowed to take effect.

Before Mondays action halting the new regulation, the
Department of Labor had planned to start its roll out of the executive order
today. ABC was represented by Maury Baskin ABC” s General Council.