Dear ABC Members,

As you may know, today we fully expect the House Commerce Committee to take up HB271, legislation that will significantly change procedure on construction contracts and allow for more work stoppages on Tennessee construction projects. ABC's position, at this time, remains that this bill needs to be moved to legislative summer study and rolled until next year so that ABC can foster input from West, East, and Middle Tennessee industry members. It is imperative that the entire state have input on this legislation.

ABC has been working with other industry associations to foster a conversation on this legislation and allow for additional consideration from all interested parties across the state. This remains a top priority for our organization to bring the differing points of view on this legislation together and ensure that any legislation that is passed works for both general contractors and subcontractors. We have worked over the course of the last six weeks on this legislation. We are hopeful that talks will continue and we, ABC, can move forward together toward a better conclusion on this bill. 

Our plan, if the bill today is moved to summer study, is to begin multiple town halls across the state to garner input from the industry, which will in turn help us as we negotiate this complex and intricate piece of legislation. We are proud of the work our organization is providing for the industry at this time, as well as our partners who are helping us make good things happen. Our journey continues, and we are committed to our members and the long road ahead in ensuring that legislation that affects our construction family continues to protect and serve our entire membership, general contractors and subcontractors, and other members.  

We will continue to lay the groundwork in the construction industry for economic prosperity, growth, and the extension of educational opportunities. In the months and years to come, we hope you will join us as we grow this industry and workforce.