ABC Greater TN Legislative Priorities

TN General Assembly Priorities

Priority 1

IMPROVE Act (proposed by Governor Haslam)

As proposed, the IMPROVE Act is a comprehensive and strategic plan to cut taxes on food and manufacturing while updating how the state provides Tennesseans the safe and reliable transportation network needed to support future job growth.

·      The IMPROVE Act cuts $270 million annually in taxes

·      Keep’s the state’s transportation network debt-free while delivering 962 projects across all 95 counties

·      Cities will receive an additional $39 million, and counties receive an additional $78 million for local projects

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

The legislation is well thought-out and a responsible way to fund the ever-increasing transportation needs of our state. ABC Greater Tennessee opposes any cuts to the proposed gasoline ($0.07) or diesel ($0.12) taxes in the legislation. ABC Greater Tennessee also favors the governor’s proposal over other transportation funding proposals that have been filed.

Priority 2

SB0292/HB0333 (Sen. Tracy / Rep. Doss)

Boards and Commissions - As introduced, changes the date on which assessments of costs in disciplinary cases conducted by agencies connected to the division of regulatory boards become final and subject to judgment and execution from 30 to 35 days from the date of the assessment. - Amends TCA Title 55; Title 56, Chapter 1 and Title 62, Chapter 6.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

This is a piece of legislation, filed by ABC Greater Tennessee and the Tennessee Construction Coalition, returns construction inspectors to the oversight of the Contractor Licensing Board rather than the Division of Regulatory Boards within the Department of Commerce and Insurance. We feel that the consolidation of the inspectors within the department has led to inadequate inspections and less enforcement. Returning inspectors to the Contractor Licensing Board will improve effectiveness of enforcement.

Priority 3

SB0251/HB0066 (Sen. Tracy / Rep. Smith)

Appropriations - As introduced, appropriates $120 million from excess state tax revenues over-collected in fiscal year 2016-2017 to the department of transportation to be used for transportation road projects, $20 million of which is earmarked for state-aid roads. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 9; Title 54 and Title 67.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

This legislation compliments Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE Act by restoring monies to the road fund that were used by the prior administration to balance the budget. The $120 million comes from surplus funds from state tax collections.

Priority 4

SB1237/HB0451 (Sen. Norris / Rep. Eldridge)

Workers Compensation - As introduced, allows a court to apportion fault to an employer who covered an employee under workers' compensation when such employee brings an action against a third-party tortfeasor and reduces the employer's subrogation recovery to the extent such employer has allocated fault. - Amends TCA Title 50; Title 56 and Title 62.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

This legislation, while complicated, permits a court to apportion fault in third party cases based on comparative fault. We feel this is a more fair and equitable to business because it reduces the employer’s subrogation recovery to the extent that such employer has allocated fault.

Priority 5

SB1313/HB1391 (Sen. Yarbro / Rep. Jernigan)

Economic and Community Development, Dept. of - As introduced, establishes the office of apprenticeship and work-study programs within the department; provides a tax credit to entities that participate in the programs; and reinstates certain apprenticeship programs for certain professional boards and commissions. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 49; Title 62 and Title 67.


The intent of this legislation is to provide incentives to companies that promote apprenticeship and other training opportunities, which ABC Greater Tennessee generally supports. However, ABC opposes state incentives used to promote federal apprenticeship training only. We believe this legislation would unfairly favor other programs over ABC Greater Tennessee’s current, highly successful, training program. The reach of this bill would allow the establishment of supervisory standards, wage & benefit issues as well as licensing standards which we believe go beyond the scope of apprenticeship training; and, interject the government into a private business’s policy interest.

Priority 6

SB0843/HB1044 (Sen. Briggs / Rep. Matlock)

Liens - As introduced, provides that a prime contractor's lien is forfeited if the final decision of a suit brought for its enforcement is not delivered within two years from the lienor bringing the suit to enforce the lien; authorizes the court to hold any party that unduly delays or extends the action to enforce such a lien liable for the injured party's expenses incurred as a result of the delay or extension. - Amends TCA Title 62, Chapter 6 and Title 66, Chapter 11.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Oppose

The principal reason for our opposition it unfairly imposes a deadline on prime contractor liens which could be well in front of final litigation of any lawsuit.

Priority 7

SB1352/HB0812 (Sen. Bailey / Rep. Keisling)

Motor Vehicles - As introduced, revises provisions governing permits for movements of overweight and overdimensional vehicles. - Amends TCA Title 55, Chapter 50; Section 55-7-203 and Section 55-7-205.


This legislation will assist with the timely delivery of oversized goods and materials to job sites by expanding the hours of delivery, among other things, by correcting an unintended legislative drafting error from the last General Assembly.

Priority 8

SB1220/HB0533 (Sen. Norris / Rep. Hawk)

Highways, Roads and Bridges - As introduced, authorizes the department of transportation to maintain public access roads within state parks; establishes the high priority bridge replacement program for local bridges not on the state highway system. - Amends TCA Title 54, Chapter 1, Part 1 and Title 54, Chapter 4.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

County roads and bridges are a vital to the safety and economic vitality of all Tennessee counties and municipalities.

Priority 9

SB0368/HB0369 (Sen. Overby / Rep. Carr)

Taxes, Exemption and Credits - As introduced, exempts contractors and subcontractors from the sales or use tax on construction materials if the materials are purchased by a local education agency and are used in local education agency construction, in same manner contractors of churches and private, nonprofit colleges and universities are so exempt. - Amends TCA Section 67-6-209.

ABC Greater Tennessee Position: Support

This legislation provides the same exemption for local education authorities (LEA) as the law presently provides to churches and private non-profit colleges and universities.

ABC- Greater Tennessee Legislative Contacts

Clay Crownover – President/CEO – 615-399-8323
Bob Pitts – Senior Policy Advisor – 615-399-8323
Bob Boles – Lobbyist, Tennessee Construction Coalition – 615-394-6410