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2023.24 NEW Student Enrollment Application

******Applications and Payments are due 08/16/2023******

Please check the appropriate craft discipline for which you are applying/interested in:

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Student Information

2023-2024 Tuition

Non-Member Tuition

$2600 (includes books/materials) *please ask about rebates and job placement

Late Registration Fee

$125 (added to all applications after 05/24/2023 deadline)


ABC staff and instructors will only communicate with the student or company representative. ABC staff and instructors will not communicate with spouses, parents or others.

2022-2023 Kick-Off Meeting

All first year students will be required to attend the 2022-2023 Kick-Off Orientation. This meeting is mandatory, and necessary, to communicate expectations to all students and get final school registration in order. This meeting will also serve as an introduction to teachers and the opportunity to receive initial books/materials. There will be no personal or work excuses allowed. Hardships to this policy must be provided to Michele Correnti in writing and approved by ABC staff. The date of the meeting will be either Monday, September 11th or Tuesday, September 12th, depending on the student’s class schedule (Monday/Wednesday classes or Tuesday/Thursday classes). Students/companies will know the class schedule (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday).

Class Start Time

Classes begin promptly at 4:00 pm. Students must be in class and prepared by 4:00 pm or they will be noted as late. Students who are recorded late three (3) times will receive one absence.


Class attendance and participation is a critical component to our training.  The Department of Labor clearly requires 144 classroom hours for students taking an apprenticeship program so attendance is necessary. Our craft training program is teaching vital information necessary to perform work in the field and keep students safe. Excuses related to work are not accepted under any circumstance.

  • A student missing three (3) classes will have their employer notified.
  • A student missing four (4) classes will have their employer notified, automatically receive a one letter grade deduction on their final grade and be required to meet with Craft Committee/ABC staff member.
  • A student missing five (5) classes will be immediately expelled from the program without refund and their employer notified. A student may then be eligible to reenroll the following year.



Students are expected to be prepared and take tests on time, and students are required to pass a test module before continuing to the next module. A student who fails a module or misses a test will be given one opportunity to retest that module at a time decided by the course instructor. A third effort will result in a $25 fee. The fee must be paid in advance to Michele Correnti or ABC staff. Failure of this final test will result in a failure in that module and the student will be removed from the program for the remainder of the year without refund.


ABC Craft Training uses the following grading system.










On The Job Training

Students must complete 2,000 hours of on-the-job training (with their primary employer) to accompany the 144 classroom hours to advance in the craft training program. Employers are required to track the on-the-job training hours with the Department of Labor (DOL) and file them accordingly in order to receive the DOL certificate. 

For the application to be complete, a signature is required from the student.  All applications and payments must be received by May 24, 2023. Late applications are subject to an additional $125 fee and are not guaranteed a spot in the craft training program.

New Student Requirements

All first-year students will need to provide proof of identification (driver license, state ID) and proof of a high school completion (diploma or GED).

(initials of applicant/student)

Applicant Signature

By signing this application, I acknowledge the tuition and policies listed in the student/employer handbook.


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