The ABC Greater Tennessee Chapter offers its membership the opportunity to get more out of their connection with Associated Builders & Contractors by serving as a volunteer on one or more of our Chapter Committees.  If you would like more information on Committee participation, please contact Lyndsie McClure (Middle Tennessee) or Clay Crownover (East Tennessee).

Middle & East Tennessee Membership Committees

The Membership Development Committee exists to grow and maintain the success of ABC Middle Tennessee through quality membership. The committee works together to seek out future members, involve current members, and enrich the overall member experience on the chapter level.

Throughout the year, the committee aids chapter Membership Directors in meeting and exceeding membership goals in a variety of ways - including, but not limited to: 

  • Submitting referrals and pursuing future member leads.
  • Conducting an annual membership drive, in addition to various related events dedicated to chapter enrichment and growth. 
  • Encouraging and educating ABC members on how to recruit future members.

The committee meets approximately 6 times per year with additional meetings and events scheduled to serve the overall mission.

Middle Tennessee Workforce Development Committee

The Workforce Development Committee exists to support, promote and enhance the Craft Training Apprenticeship Program. The committee works with the Education Director to continually improve the program. The committee also provides disciplinary assistance regarding absenteeism and classroom performance. 

The members share a passion for education in their respective workplaces. Each member helps in promoting our program by reaching out to potential students and sharing the opportunities our program has to offer. 

Members also work to establish sponsor partnerships to help support our labs, craft training competitions, and annual graduation ceremony. 

The committee meets at least every other month on the fourth Wednesday.

Greater Tennessee Legislative Committee

The Committee supports the ABC strategic goal of increasing political influence of the Association to advance the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise. It is responsible for evaluating the Association's government policies as they relate to workplace issues to ensure consistent compliance with those policies. The Legislative Committee is the Association's voice to ensure that ABC continues to be recognized as the premier resource for construction workplace issues before local and state government. These workplace issues consist of labor-management relations, union market recovery programs and unnecessary government interference in the workplace. Committee members may be called upon to meet with members of the General Assembly or Governor to educate them on ABC's concerns and the construction industry in general. 

Middle Tennessee Events Committee

The Events Committee is formed each year for the Excellence in Construction Awards Gala and to assist the Chapter staff in planning and implementing meaningful and informative events to add value to your ABC membership.